The NATO phonetic alphabet appears in "Allied Tactical Publication ATP-1, Volume II: Allied Maritime Signal and Maneuvering Book" used by all allied navies in NATO, which adopted a modified form of the International Code of Signals. It is very similar to the international ICAO phonetic alphabet, differing in the spelling of certain words ('Alpha' instead of 'Alfa', and 'Juliet' instead of 'Juliett'). The NATO version relies on English pronunciation ('Alpha'), while the ICAO one is more suitable for international use, as the code words are spelled in such a way that they can be correctly pronounced by the native speakers of different languages ('Alfa').

Source: Wikipedia

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Character table

Symbol Spelling
a Alpha
b Bravo
c Charlie
d Delta
e Echo
f Foxtrot
g Golf
h Hotel
i India
j Juliet
k Kilo
l Lima
m Mike
n November
o Oscar
p Papa
q Quebec
r Romeo
s Sierra
t Tango
u Uniform
v Victor
w Whiskey
x X-ray
y Yankee
z Zulu